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What is Karate?
Karate is a martial art and system of self-defense that originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa, but was greatly influenced by an even older tradition from China. Literally, “karate-do” means “the way of the empty hand,” referring to the fact that its practitioners use no weapons to attack and defend, but only the hands, feet, and body. Yet karate is much more than merely physical. It is founded on a grand philosophical and spiritual tradition based on Bushido and Zen Buddhist principles. Through hard training and practice, karate develops not only the body,
but also the mind and character.


What is the Japan Karate Association?
With members in over 100 countries, the Japan Karate Association (JKA), is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization, and the only legal karate entity officially recognized by the Japanese government as an association of members for the promotion of karate. More importantly though, we are The Keeper of Karate’s Highest Tradition, the preserver of the soul and spirit of the art of karate in line with the tradition of Bushido (the way of the samurai). Our mission is to promote the way of karate throughout the world, while ensuring that it remains true to the philosophical precepts upon which it was founded. This has been our mission since the establishment of the JKA in 1949.


In order to practice Karate do you need to be in a very good shape?
Well, being in good shape is important for any martial arts or sport, but if a beginner is not in shape it is not a reason to be worry, with regular training little by little the practitioner will improve their shape and will achieve the optimums level after time.


How many times a week is recommended to train Karate?
We recommend at least three times per week. Here in the JKA of El Paso LLC our training program assigns specific training days per week: one class for Kihon, one for Kata and one for Kumite the student will cover the complete program if attend to the three classes. We have classes every day so the students can train more times depending of their level and own interest.


How often do rank test happen?
In the El Paso dojo, Koyama Sensei comes to give Kyu exams for the color belts about every four to five months. For testing rights, practitioner has to meet minimum of required attendance, and show proficiency in the required Kata, Kihon Wasa and Kumite. Also the students must demonstrate knowledge of the Karate/Japanese terminology required for each specific level.  For Dan Examination, (Black Belt levels) the exams are only held at official JKA events.


How long does it take to be Black Belt?
To achieve the Sho Dan (First degree black belt) depends on the schools and association but here at JKA of El Paso LLC, it takes between four to five years, depending on the student performance and dedication. The Student needs to pass the entire Kyu test program.  After that the student will be ready to takes the Sho Dan Exam. It’s not an easy task and requires a lot of effort, training and commitment.