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Our training program includes three main areas, Kihon Waza, Kata and Kumite (see below), we dedicate one class for each of the areas, total of three classes per week, in order to maintain a well balance program; this applies to all ranks. The different areas of the training program are shown below.

1. Kihon Waza Basic Techniques
2. Kata and Bunkai Forms and Applications
3. Kumite Sparring
4. Gashuku Out Door Training
5. Karate Clinics
Classes provided by JKA Masters
6. Theory Classes
Karate-Do History etc.

Karate is not only physical training but mental too. If trained correctly, it teaches discipline, respect, self esteem and builds character. The Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules) and the twenty percepts of Karate-Do by Master Funakoshi The Niju Kun are some of the tools that we use in our training and will help develop the characteristics previously mention.