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Old Dojo

The Dojo has been in El Paso since 1983, it started operations under the instruction of Sensei Lou Verdy. Six years later Mr. Verdy had to leave El Paso, and he transferred the Dojo and its responsibility to Sensei Dean VanMatre (1989). Sensei VanMatre took the leadership of the JKA El Paso for 16 years. At the end of 2005 Due to Sensei VanMatre professional career/work requiring more of his time, he decided to transfer the Dojo responsibilities to a group of Black Belts to continue with the mission of practicing, teaching and the promotion of the true karate-do. After months of preparations and development of a new training program, class schedules, etc. , the restructuration was completed, and in 2007 the team became incorporated as Limited Liability Company.  JKA El Paso began a new administration/organization as the Japan Karate Association of El Paso LLC. The founding members are: Robert Hoppes, Laura Darling, Antonio Arruti, Julen Arruti, Manuel Garcia, Alfredo Garcia and Julian Arruti. In late 2010 JKA El Paso constructed and move to a NEW DOJO.