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Welcome to the Japan Karate Association of El Paso LLC
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This dojo prides itself in teaching traditional karate-do and maintains the Karate technique as standardized by the Japan Karate Association. We also adhere to Sensei Gichin Funakoshi's principals that contributed to the development of the character of its practitioner. JKA of El Paso LLC is oriented to the practice of the art of true Karate, not just as karate as a sport where the competition is the ultimate goal, or as a mix martial art fighting school. Karate-do is a way to live with discipline, respect, Etiquette and self-control. If you are interested in learning or continuing the prctice of karate-do, a life time activity, come check us out.

JKA of El Paso is the only dojo in El Paso Texas member of the Japan Karate Association through the JKA World Federation America, which is an official organization that represents the JKA in the United States. We are under the technical direction of Sensei Shojiro Koyama 8th Dan and Founding Director of the JKA/WF Americas.

Benefits of being members of the JKA:

  • We teach traditional Karate-do
  • Our training is under the JKA/WF America testing program.
  • Our certificates for Kyu Grades (Color Belts) come from the JKA/WF America, and the certificates Dan Grades (Black Belts) come directly from the JKA in Tokyo Japan.
  • By being members of the JKA, we can visit and train in all JKA Dojos nation and world wide.
  • We can participate in all the JKA events, such as tournaments, clinics, camps, etc.